Apple Distinguished School

UTCC Apple Distinguished School

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) is pleased to announce that it has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2015–2016 for its iHybrid learning program, a continuation of the 1:1 initiative – UTCC Hybrid learning – launched since 2008. The iHybrid program represents both the planning and execution of the new education transformation at the higher education level resulting in a university where multiple levels of leadership have been engaged, the curriculum has been transformed, faculty have been trained, infrastructure has been developed, and success continues to grow and be measured.

The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate Apple’s vision of exemplary learning environments.

“University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce has adopted 1:1 Apple’s iPad for our students, to realize our vision of transforming education for the 21st century. Apple and UTCC share the belief that modern mobile technology has the power to transform education as we strive to educate students to take their place in the modern world and in the digital economy…Our faculty and staff are working tirelessly to provide our students with exceptional education and guide them to become extraordinary persons to serve the society and to fulfill their potential as great leaders and successful entrepreneurs who contribute to the transformation of the state of the business society.” said Sauwanee Thairungroj, President of UTCC.

The selection of University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our success as an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment. New forms of interactive teaching and learning are at the centerpiece of iHybrid at UTCC. Student learning has been transformed through the use of effective instructional practices supported by technology; and a school-wide process for designing courses and curricula, supported by iTunes U. Until May 2015, UTCC lecturers have posted more than 720 UTCC Courses on iTunes U and more than 14,000 items of learning materials into their iTunes U courses, including readings, data collections, worksheets, online discussions, research reports, and textbooks. From most recent students survey conducted in 2015, UTCC students report that they use the iPad in 5 or 6 of their courses in one semester; that the iPad is used mostly for question-and-answer session in class; online quizzes; group projects; and student presentations, and that they remember and understand course content better with the iPad. UTCC believes that our mission in adopting 1:1 Hybrid learning program some 8 years earlier has now matured into a proven and effective framework for higher education befitting Thailand’s educational needs in the 21st Century with Apple Distinguishes School designation in April 2015.

UTCC offers 46 undergraduate programs in eight schools: Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Humanities and Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Law, Science and Technology, and Engineering. In addition, UTCC International College also offers degree programs to students from around the world. Our curriculum has been continuously developed to best coincide with today’s dynamic job markets and future business trends. UTCC ensures that the offered academic programs actively provide subject-based knowledge and the essential depth and breadth of business know-how; as well as an ethical and public-accountability mindset to completely prepare our students to become visionary leaders in the business arena. Through UTCC’s strong links with global entrepreneurs, our students have the advantage of learning from first-hand experience from top business leaders as well as great opportunities for internship with the business sector that meets their specific needs. UTCC has successfully launched the UTCC iHybrid Learning System, a state of the art program on which over 720 courses university-wide actively serve our faculty and students via cutting-edge Apple technology. UTCC has cultivated and modernized its teaching and learning environment. It has also made learning resources accessible 24/7.